NMEMC at the 2019 Stop the Hate Rally in Davidson

It is time.

It is just.

We must.

The North Mecklenburg Economic Mobility Collaborative (NMEMC) is a group of nonprofit professionals, faith and community leaders, and engaged citizens working together to create a unified community where everyone can thrive.

Our mission

Breaking barriers, creating opportunities, empowering all people.

Our vision

Creating a unified community where everyone can thrive.

We work to achieve

Our approach

Be neighbor-centered

Be innovative

Focus on equity and justice

Build relationships

Do you know someone who...


Is working everyday, but struggles to make ends meet?


Is worried about being able to put food on the table?


Needs affordable, quality childcare?


Can't afford the medicine they need?


Struggles to pursue further education?

Doesn't have access to reliable transportation?

Join us in helping break these barriers.